About Galveston Craft Show

The Galveston Arts and Craft Show started in 2017 for something for the women to do while their husbands were shopping for automotive parts at the Corvette Chevy Expo.

The event is held inside the Corvette Chevy Expo. Admission for the craft show also gets you access to both events. The Corvette/Chevy Expo features World Class Chevrolet Show Cars, sometimes referred to as “Trailer Queens.” The Chevy Expo also has an Automotive Trade Show, where vendors come in from across the country to represent their companies.

The Galveston Craft Show has become a very popular part of the Expo and spectators come in from across the country to see what the local artists have created.

This is not a flea market!  The Art and Craft Show features All Handmade Items from local artists and crafters. The Galveston event is all indoor and is a juried show. Crafters from across the south come to sell their beautifully handcrafted goods, each one unique and special.

COVID RULES: All attendees must wear a mask and practice social distancing at the Corvette Chevy Expo and Galveston Craft Show. There are sanitation stations set up through the building.

Here are some photos from the Galveston Craft Show:

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