Vendor Maps

Vendor Location Options

The Galveston Craft Show offers vendors different options to choose from when looking for an area to display at. Maps of each location can be found below.

All Galveston Craft Show Vendors are restricted to selling Handmade items only. You must be pre-approved to register. To learn how to become a vendor for the Galveston Craft Show Click Here.

We also have vendor spaces available in the Corvette Chevy Expo Mai Exhibit Hall. These spaces are not restricted to all handmade items. For info on the Corvette Chevy Expo Vendor Spaces Click Here.

1st Floor Galveston Craft Show Vendor Spaces

We are not using the smaller conference rooms this year for the Galveston Craft Show. We are still using the Galleon 1, 2, and 3 for the vendors and food court. There are eight 10 x 10 vendor spaces down the hall leading to the food court.

1st Floor Galveston Craft Show Vendor Spaces

2nd Floor Galveston Craft Show Vendor Spaces

Spaces F1, F2, J1, J2, J3, and K5 are five feet deep and 20 feet long. All other spaces are 10 x 10. The majority of the spaces are in the Galveston Island Convention Center’s Ballroom.